Pamplona – Viva San Fermín!

Pamplona attracts over 1 million visitors each year in July for its nine-day San Fermín festival, which originated in the 14th century. The daily Running of the Bulls, so dear to Hemingway, is its highest profile event.

With its simple yet refined mechanics, Pamplona – Viva San Fermín! Faithfully reproduces the run in all its aspects: bravery, euphoria, adrenaline, but also tactics and management.

Players must run all of the 4 sectors of the race, escaping from the opponents’ bulls and steers, while trying to gore or trample the opponents using their own.

Pamplona – Viva San Fermín! is not a common race. The winner is not necessarily the first runner to cross the finish line, but the one who shows the most courage.


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